Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Holidays...(but that's probably obvious from the graphic below!)

I know I haven't been the best blogger lately. I appologize. I've been trying to tie up a lot of loose ends before I leave town for awhile. Tomorrow, I'm headed to my family's place for almost three weeks. I'm not usually down there that long, but I haven't seen them in quite awhile. I'll do my best to try to blog while I'm there, but it's likely that it won't happen. So, in case I don't get a chance to say so over the next few weeks:

I hope you all have a great holiday season!

...(and may you all get the loot you were hopin' for!)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dimebag "Darrell" Abbott - 1966-2004

OK, so I know this might be a little cheesy, but I wanted to pay quick tribute to the "John Lennon of metal." It was three years ago today that he met his absurdly tragic end in Columbus, OH. Hope he is shredding in another dimension with Rhoads, Hendrix, and the rest of the lost guitar legends!