Monday, January 28, 2008

So, I've been admonished for not updating my blog...

...And I'm very sorry about that! I've been neglectful of it lately, I admit it. The worst part is that I get all bummed when other people don't update their own blogs. But, now that I'm back I thought I'd dedicate a post to a list of what I have been doing. (I love lists and since I've missed the boat on any "year-end"'re stuck with this).

1. Visiting family. Yep, I spent almost 3 full weeks down in SC. It was fun and good to see them. It meant a lot to them that I could spend that kind of time there and since I don't know what my life will be like soon, I was glad to be able to do it, as well. Although, I did get pretty homesick by the end.

2. Working on the dissertation. Update - So, I'd say I'm a little more than half done. I would've liked to have been further than that by now, but hey what are ya gonna do, life intrudes. I've been pushing hard the last few weeks, though and I'm still pretty much on track.

3. Watching lots of TV. I caught up on some viewing that I had Dexter Season 2. If you haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend it. Both seasons are incredible, but season 2 is really awesome!

4. Started watching The L Word's Fifth Season. Ah yes, I do love my research. Actually, I've decided that I can't feasibly include much on this season in the diss anymore, so I've basically been watching as a fan and it's been fun. This season so far is pretty cool; there has been lots of yelling at the screen and that's always good!

5. Working on the dissertation...did I mention that already?

6. Watching Award Shows. Oh, wait...that's what I haven't been doing, thanks to the ole' writers strike. Well, I did get to see the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night and it did not dissappoint; especially since they were celebrating their 75th year. Other than that, I have only three words about it...Tina 'F-ing' Fey!

7. Counting down the days until spring training. And related to this...counting down the days until the F*^%in' Football Season is over. Sorry to offend my football loving readers, but I really can't get into that sport. I actually think my deep distaste for it is even worse now that I'm back up in the deep Midwest where I learned to hate the damn game in the first place. But, before I get myself into trouble, I will shut up.

8. Dissertation writing...oh, you heard about that one already?

9. Shopping. I've always known that I have a shopping problem and nothing has changed in that regard. Although, I really just like to shop, I don't actually have to buy anything to make myself happy. So, is it still a problem then?

10. Wishing I was in Boston...Or, lived closer to Boston...Or, was moving to Boston...Or, had the money and time to visit Boston...Did I mention I love Boston?

11. Disliking my neighbor. Is it really necessary to play Guitar Hero loud enough that you can hear it two floors down on the other end of the building, or perhaps in the parking lot outside? I would like to kill the person that gave him that thing for Christmas!

12. Playing video games. Okay, so my neighbor makes me hate HIS games, but I love mine. I dug out the old N64 and PS1 and then found a pawnshop in town that sells lots of cheap games for them. I've been addicted to the Tony Hawk series. It's always funny to discover why people were really into stuff several years after the craze. It's almost like its your own little discovery then. TH2 is also really cool because it's loaded with music that was all popular when I worked at Hot Topic...ahhh, takes me back.

13. Explaining to my cats ...why they haven't been able to update their blogs for awhile either. They'd like me to tell you that they think their mom is just freakin' lazy!

14. Reading other people's blogs. Just cuz' I'm not on mine, doesn't mean I'm not on yours.

15. Oh, and there's some thing about a dissertation...

Miss you all...I'll try to be better about this darn thing!