Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Sign of the Apocalypse

I just got wind of the following report about AC/DC's new studio album, which apparently will only be available through Wal-Mart. This really disturbs me on many levels. I have been super-psyched about the release of their new album, but now I'm totally shocked and disappointed.

They don't seem like the kind of band that would strike any type of "exclusive" deal, much less one with Wal-Mart. Besides, I thought the trend of making deals with WM was waning as a result of their scandalous practices of selling only edited albums (Does this mean that AC/DC's new disc will only be available in an edited form?). Their music isn't even available on iTunes or other major download sites, so I guess if I want to avoid giving my money to "Satan's Palace" (as a friend of mine calls it) I have to hope I can buy it directly through them or find it used somewhere.

Now, I realize that the argument against WM isn't that simple. A good friend of mine's family recently benefited greatly from the retail monster. But honestly, I get a little nauseous when any artist decides to pull these "exclusive" deals with major corporations (I'm even a bit nervous about U2's recent deals with LiveNation). There is "selling out," which can't be avoided and happens the second you form a band with the intent of garnering an audience, and then there's "SELLING OUT."
Maybe it's in their best interest, but I wonder if they're remembering to consider their fan base.