Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm already sick FROM the election!

I recently saw this short film on the Sundance Channel and it really spoke to me right now. It is still so early in the whole election year Crap-A-Thon and I am already soooo nauseous. Just as with every other year, I'm expected to vote for a candidate that somehow compromises my beliefs, my politics, and my sense of self. A candidate who will say ANYTHING to get my vote and then never deliver! Why? Oh right - because they are better than the other alternative!

I was excited by the prospect of "the first woman" or "the first black" president for like 20 minutes and after a few days, I've realized they're playing the same damn game as every other runner. Not to mention the fact that I'm not sure we should be advertising the hell out of the fact that it's taken us this long to elect from either of these groups. Besides, why don't we talk about McCain as being the 100-something straight, white, rich, boring-ass-f**k, candidate?

Is Clinton really going to deliver us from a lack of adequate health care? -Doubt it.

Is Obama really going to end the war/occupation? -Unlikely.

Do either of them actually view me, a queer woman, as someone that deserving completely equal standing with the straight family down the street? -Um, no!

Do I still want them to win over somebody like McCain. Well, obviously! But when is that mentality going to finally not be enough? Maybe I'm still bitter from the last two elections. Sorry, if I've upset anyone with my grouchiness. But, here's to going down with the ship...cuz' nobody ever lets the people who really belong behind the wheel drive. How many more months? That Green Day song should be "Wake me when NOVEMBER ends."

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