Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's Wrong with this Man? (aka: The Curse of Eric Gagne)

Yesterday I got to watch the Brewers play the Cubs for the latter teams home opener. It was terrible weather and the poor players were clearly struggling to stay warm, focused, and even upright, as many of them slipped and slided all over the field. It was tough to watch - they really didn't look like they were having much fun. To top it off, it was a close game. No one scored anything (and hardly even got anyone on base) until the 9th inning! In that inning the Brewers scored 3 runs, and Cubs fans began to get discouraged and actually left the stadium. But, apparently no one informed them that they had a big weapon on their side.

No, not their new Japanese acquisition, Fukudome.

No, not all the Cubs fans that were still left and cheering them on.

No, not the sheer odds that say this is their year to finally win it all.

No, no, my friends...they had Eric Gagne. "What?" You say, "He plays for the Brewers!" That is exactly my point.

I watched this guy come over to the Red Sox last year mid-way through the season and he did nothing but screw things up. I don't get many Sox game here in the Mid-west and I still witnessed him single-handedly blow numerous games. This includes one that was a 6 run lead and another that was during the AL Championship series against the Indians. I kept hearing that this guy was something special, that he rocked with the Dodgers. They suggested that perhaps he could not adjust to the set-up role (he's normally a closer).

So, the Brewers acquired him this off-season (amidst his implications in the infamous Mitchell Report, no less). I had hope for him. Perhaps he could wipe his slate clean and perform for the Brew Crew like he had for the Dodgers. After all, the Crew needed a good closer, since they had lost Cordero.

Well, yesterday Gagne proved to be the same old Gagne that the Sox had last year. He immediately blew that 3 run lead and barely ended the inning. Thank goodness for Tony Gwynn Jr.'s sack fly in the tenth!

Well, unless you're a Cubs fan...buy hey, cheer up! - It's a long season and the Brewers have Gagne all damn year long!

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lovey said...

I'm *so* thankful that he's no longer with the Sox, all he did last year was get me mad. Feel sorry for the Brews, though, they paid a lot of cashola for a bunch of meh.

go Sox!
(we'll wave to you from the home opener!)