Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The problem with cats, you see...

Okay, so something with that title could probably fill a billion blogs, right? So, I suppose I should be more specific.

"The problem with cats who chew, you see..."

Actually, there are still many things that could complete that statement. First, there's the destruction, of course. Let's see in the last few weeks my family has lost: two bras, several shoelaces, three dress shirts, the strap to a bag, a bandana, the tie back to a dress, and the edges to a pair of curtains. Now, you may be asking: why do you keep this menace of a cat. Well, if you are at all familiar with our cats (the one doing this is codenamed "Bucket") and she has this face, a face filled with the purest evil, but on the surface it is one of the cutest and sweetest things you will ever set your eyes upon. So, when I discover these things that she has chewed up; she looks at me with that face! Nevertheless, she still has air in her lungs...

But, actually that is not the only problem with cats that chew...

There is also the fear that you will end up in the Cat ER with the damned thing because it ate something that got all tied up in its digestive system. And, that's fun!

And, then there's my favorite...

When you take all of these things together, they roll around in your head all the time and you start to get really paranoid that the cat is chewing on things every single minute! As a result, you train yourself to pick up on cues that the cat is up to something and you ask yourself the following:

1. Has she been out of the room for awhile?
2. Did I leave ANYTHING out that she might find interesting?
3. Is there any possibility that she is bored, mad at me, etc.?
4. Where is the other cat? Could they just be off playing?

And, most importantly...
5. Do I hear any chewing?

This last question is the best and is partly responsible for my lack of sleep lately. I have trained myself to listen for the sound of chewing. So, as I lay in bed at night trying to sleep, I am continually convinced that I hear chewing. I then usually have to get up at least once to check on the stupid cat. I also am often awaken out of (what feels like) a dead sleep, because I think I hear that "smack smack" of spitty grinding teeth. And again, I must go check.

So, have I ever caught her actually chewing in any of these incident, you ask.

Actually, no, now that you mention it...BUT I WILL PREVAIL! My clothes will sleep safe tonight, even if I don't!

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Jennifer said...

Geez, what is her deal? Is she exacting revenge on you and the partner for working so hard thus not paying enough attention to her?