Saturday, September 8, 2007

This feels kinda funny...

Okay, my loyal fan masses...this one is for you. I am finally joining the damned blogosphere and I have to say it feels pretty weird in here. Kinda stuffy...

Anyway, I am doing it largely to help keep up with all you folks, who I so terribly miss. It has come to my attention over the years that I am terrible at keeping up with people (yes, even through email) and so, I thought this way, while terribly unpersonal, I can keep all of you updated in one fell swoop (of the Interweb lightsaber).

Some of you I have left very recently and some of you I haven't been living near for many years (so alas, the heartache must be less by now...). But either way, if you are reading this, you most likely got the address from me, and therefore, I hold you in high esteem. If not, well enjoy eavesdropping on my rather bizarre ramblings with my friends and colleagues, nosey monkey!

So, know that I am here safe in my new home. I am enjoying the new scenery. There appears to be a good market of RAV4s and lemonade stands. I have started working on the diss (slowly, but surely). Wick and Bucket are well, badly behaved but well. And, I miss you all SO VERY much! I hope this will suffice as a first post and that you'll all sleep better now. I know I will.

Later, me peeps.

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