Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Dream Becomes an Obsession.

Okay, so you all probably know by now that my partner and I fell in love with Boston last year when we vacationed there. I have never really wanted to live in a big city and have pretty much always felt they were all the same. This is no longer the case after Boston. All I can think about is moving there and settling down.

I have been hunting for jobs in the area, but those of you in academia know how fruitful this might prove to be. The other stress factor is that my partner and I are really getting to a point where we need to settle down. We want a family and if this doesn't happen soon, it isn't going to happen. And, we can't do it until we actually have the jobs and $ to do it. No $, no getting "knocked up" - savvy?

I'm trying to relax and just go with the flow, but it's unfortunately becoming a little obsessive. I look at Boston web sites and books, watch films set in Boston, drink Sam Adams and eat beans... :). I know it's still really early in the academic year and it could totally still happen, but I just keep trying to think of new or creative ways to make it so. I'm tired of waiting around and hoping for dreams that never happen. I've let some of my hopes die over the years and I don't want this one to pass me by too.

Sorry, didn't mean to bum y'all out. But, if anyone has any connections or ideas of how we might get there and survive...I'd love to hear them!

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Jennifer said...

OMG - Yes, I absolutely loved Boston when I visited there. I've been fetishizing the city ever since. I could definitely move there.