Monday, November 19, 2007

The Pleasure of Admitting There's a Bad Taste in your Mouth

It seems that my partner and I have both been holding some negative feelings in and we kind of had a breakthrough the other day. You see, apparently we both actually hate it here. It was actually kind of funny when we admitted it to each other and it really felt like a big weight off my chest.

This all came to a head, I think, because things have not been going exactly as expected up here lately and it's been getting to us. Actually, over the last couple months we keep experiencing really bipolar career news. I want to believe that's what happens when your career is finally about to take off in good ways, but I'm also pretty sure I'm trying to make myself feel better.

But, anyway I guess now that we've admitted this, we can move forward to acceptance and planning for the next stage. Unless something dramatic happens, I'm pretty sure we won't be in this city anymore next year. Hopefully, we'll be heading to Boston, Milwaukee, or somewhere else wonderful.

I'm also reminded on the fact that when we lived in this state the last time, we pretty much hated it. Hmmm...maybe we're just allergic.

So, here's so all of us (who are looking) getting amazing, wonderful, well-paying jobs in cities we love next year!

Cheers and miss you all lots...


Jennifer said...

I'm sending good new-city vibes your way. I saw a women's studies job posting at U o M - Boston the other day and was seconds away from forwarding it to you and the partner, but then the specialty they were looking for didn't fit your research.

Hey, there's always Toronto :) You'd like Toronto. Or even better, M & my new city, Kingston ON. It's a good little city with a prestigious university that would be lucky to have you both.

But yeah, Boston would be AMAZing. And I'd be very jealous of you and want to visit often !

Jesse said...

My bad taste has been stuck in my mouth for two years. My advice is to not get a rut. I have been chissling away at my rut and I think eventually I will get out. Lets hold our drinks up for better spaces and friendly faces. Miss you both very much!