Friday, November 2, 2007

OK, What the *%&@! is Going on in BG?!!?

So, yesterday I received the third email notice in two months that there was an assault on campus. Of these three assaults, two of the women escaped their attacker but, the other one resulted in a rape. The first (the rape) happened around 4am on the corner of College and Wooster, the second in a dorm parking lot around 3am, and the last one happened at 7:30 in the evening in THE MIDDLE OF CAMPUS!!! Obviously, this last one is most disturbing because I can't even fathom how this occurred in this location at this time of day and no one has any information???

What really freaks me out is that there doesn't seem to be much discussion about this. There is very little info on the BGNews website, nothing in the Journal-Sentinel, and a brief clip about the last attack can be found on ABC news' site, but it doesn't even mention the first attack! This is crazy and outrageous to me! As far as I'm concerned, BGSU has a serial rapist and the F%&8in' police don't seem to think it's a big deal. What does someone have to end up dead? Why the Hell does BGSU even have police (as opposed to simply campus security like many Universities) if they aren't going to be useful in these types of situations? Oh, sure they can pull you over and give you a freakin' ticket for rolling through the stop sign outside of East Hall, but they can't protect the students from being raped or killed!!!

Meanwhile they simply send out these "police blotter" emails "urging students to be careful and be aware of their surroundings." This is bullshit! Isn't that what the police are for - isn't it their job to keep us safe? Why is it the victim's job to take care of this?! They might as well say: "Well, clearly the women assaulted were not paying attention and it's really their fault this happened." Grrrr! I hate this mentality. Let's do something about it after the fact, not prevent it in the first place! It's really too bad it isn't men that are being assaulted, because no doubt, the damn perpetrator would be in custody by now.

Perhaps my outrage is unwarranted. After all, I am not even on campus right now, so I don't know what the atmosphere is actually like. Maybe more is being done than I know about. If so, I urge my BG friends to reply to this and calm me down, cuz right now I'm about to blow a gasket over this!


Jennifer said...

I didn't know about this.
Similar stuff is going on at York. Last year, a couple of women were assaulted just off campus. This year, a few women were assaulted in their dorms... in the morning... on the same day. The women were criticized because they left their dorm room doors unlocked (though the dorm itself was locked, the attackers had access somehow). The same crap happened "women be vigilant"... why not a message that reads: "men don't attack women"!!! The feminists on our campus took action and have been very vocal about it. I hope people at BG have similarly sprung into action.

The other thing I'm reminded of is the fact that we know this kind of stuff happens all the time but it's not by a stranger so it's not reported or discussed. I'm perturbed that these stranger assaults get people up in arms but not those perpetrated more frequently by known attackers.

Arrgggh. Few things make me violently angry like sexual assault.

thmarn said...

Well said! I'll post again if I hear any more or about any feminist action being taken. Sadly, I've heard nothing yet.