Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Bat, A Clown, and ...A Cat?

I just read an update on the new Batman flick, Dark Knight, in Entertainment Weekly. I am super-psyched for this movie because the first one (Batman Begins) was not only the best Batman film ever, but also one of my favorite super hero movies ever. Finally! Someone got Batman/Bruce Wayne's character right!

Anyway, the article was mostly a discussion of the unfortunate loss of Heath Ledger and how the director (Chris Nolan) now feels a responsibility to the actor to present his role as he would've wanted. Apparently, Ledger was very proud of his performance; it should be awesome.

But, that still isn't my point...the article also mentioned that Christian Bale (who plays Batman) and Nolan are interested in doing a trilogy.

And my response? : WOO Frickin' HOO!!!

And my advice? : Catwoman! (of course!).

My partner and I thought about this today and tried to figure out who we would cast as Catwoman this time around. I argued that since the acting has been so awesome in these movies thus far, that it needs to be someone who has chops and isn't all star power. A couple names that came up were: Kate Beckinsdale, Drew Barrymore (I'm convinced there's more than romantic comedies in there), and Ellen Page (it could really expand her possibilities). But finally, I decided on my top choice. Drum roll please...

Drea de Matteo!

She has the right combination of acting abilities, slightly dangerous/psychotic, sex appeal, and intrigue. Not to mention, she sort of already has a bit of a feline nature. She also happens to be in one of my all time favorite films, Prey for Rock and Roll (check out the trailer below).

Anyway, I'm sure Nolan and the Hollywood Big Wigs won't listen to little ole' me, but well...they should - 'Cuz I'm the S-M-R-T, when it comes to Catwoman! Any other great actors you'd like to nominate for the role? I'd love to hear 'em!

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