Thursday, March 6, 2008

Here They Come...Woo Hoo!!!

Today I get to watch my first Red Sox game of the new season and I'm just about splitting at the (baseball) seams! I know, I's only spring training, but I'll take what I can get! I only get a handful of Red Sox games period all year, so I'll watch whatever I can. Being blacked-out of games really sucks. I'm not even able to watch Brewers games and I'm like an hour and a half from the Wisconsin boarder! It's all Twins-all the time up here. Of course, I just love the game, so I'll watch practically any team. It's kinda fun sometimes to not have any investment in who wins or loses and be able to just enjoy the sport for what it is.

But anyway, here's to a beautiful new season of baseball and a clean slate for every team! May the best one win it all, but more importantly...let's have fun doing it! Wheeeee!

Oh yeah, and by the way, this picture is especially for my girl, who digs the Tek!


dr alex said...

I love that picture!! and tek! and you!!

lovey said...

so...when you're our neighbors, you can come to opening day with us. just sayin'.