Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The "Free" Taco

This post is dedicated to my friend MG in Pittsburgh, who will know why...

So, MLB was offering a promotion in where if any player during the World Series stole a base, they would give everyone in America a free taco. Well, two of my beloved Red Sox earned me a free taco and of course, out of principle I had to go claim it today. After all, I for some reason, cannot turn down what is "free." And what could be better than baseball and tacos together?!

I did consider the ramifications of "free" when it comes to Taco Bell, though. After all, as we should all know, one does not buy food from Taco Bell anyway, we only rent it...if you catch my drift. So, while the taco was being called free, it no doubt would come with a price. In other words, the promotion really should have been: "Steal a base, get a free trip to the bathroom!" and they could add that you should observe the base-stealing closely when it happens, because that will be how fast you're running for that bathroom!

So, now that I've disgusted you all...Happy "Free Taco" Day!


lovey said...

Don't feel bad, I was also ompelled to get my EllsburyTacoRama today. Luckily it didn't have the usual ramifications. Must have been the Red Sox magic that warded off the evil.

lovey said...

dammit. compelled. compelled. pfft