Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just an observation.

Okay, so someone sent me this article and it's pretty awesome and very funny to imagine. It's about lobsters that manage to escape from a German market. Here's the link:,1518,512794,00.html

(Sorry, you'll have to cut and paste it, I can't seem to get the livelink function to work...grrr)

It says that now the lobsters have been sent to a "home." This reminds me of the time that there was a cow (or steer?) that escaped from some slaughterhouse (I think it was in Detroit) and it was running all over downtown and they had to catch it. Well, people mobilized this big effort to "save" the animal and place her/him on some farm to live out its life. I'm just wondering why it is that people have a sudden attack of conscience when animals appear to fight back or otherwise illustrate some type of desire to escape their grisly fates. Do people think these are higher-evolved anomalies of the species? Or that since they fought back, they deserve to live? Do people really believe that other animals don't try to fight?

Now I know...I know, I eat meat too. But, I don't pretend that there are "special" animals that are more important than others. They all deserve to live; I just unfortunately have a really tough time not eating them. I've tried to be vegetarian but, it's really hard for me - especially on a limited income. I have the utmost respect for those who can do it. Anyway, I'm just saying that I don't have any illusions that the animals I eat are the stupid, unmotivated-to-save-their-life ones and that every once in a blue moon, one does stand up and therefore deserves to be sent to live out its life in a happy home. Nope, they're all smart, they all deserve to live, I just need to stand up to the cultural socialization and my own desires to eat them!

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