Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It is late and I am tired, but...

I have a question for all my friends who are currently writing or have not all that long ago finished writing their dissertations:

When you get near the end of a chapter (you know when you're SOOO CLOSE to being done with it), do you get to a point where you feel that perhaps if you just close your eyes, squeeze them real tight, and think about it, that you should just be able to will the chapter into finishing itself?

This is how I feel tonight. If I was a Jedi Knight I bet it would work.

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themikedubose said...

Funny, I never thought any of my chapters were finished. I always marveled at the pitiful state I left them in. I was convinced they were crappy little stream of consciousness meanderings.

Of course, when I went back and read my diss a few years later, everything was much tighter and better constructed than I dreamed.